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The making of The Octopus's Garden Project Display Place

The making of The Octopus's Garden Project Display Place

Team: Dominant Innovations                                                                                   Date: 9/12/12

          The Octopus's Garden is a project that requires me, my classmates and Grade 8 students to work as a team to develop a big idea - "What is a 21st Century Classroom like." 
You may wander why Octopus and not whales or other sea creatures? Well, according to my teacher, Octopi create their own garden by themselves and adapt to their surrounding to suit their needs. Me and all the learners are like Octopi when we work together, we can build the best classroom for the learners of Nexus International School of Singapore.          

          The second week of our Octopus's Garden Project was a very busy week but it was very fun and we have applied all the skills we have learnt from our supportive teacher, Mrs. Holly. The project display place was previously full of sculptures and faces but now we have turned it into a fantastic Octopus's Garden. The fishes, tentacles and all of the design that we have made in the past few weeks were displayed in our garden area.

          I'm part of the Dominant Innovations team and we are assigned to focus our research on the floor of the 21st Century Classroom. We finished the logo, team members' photos and posted some information about the 21st Century Classroom floor. During the second week of working together as a team, I found out close  collaboration in my group was very critical for us to make continuous progress in our project, for example, we were not happy with the poster displaying our logos and team members' photos, we had a great discussion and we agreed to change the background from black to bright green to improve the quality of our poster. 

          We have made sure every team members know his/her tasks by assigning specific roles to them. Everyone is very responsible and we keep each other informed by writing a note about the things we need to accomplish in our team folder. 

          The Grade 7 and Grade 8 students were helping each other a lot throughout the week. During our break and other available time, we chose to work together as a group because we enjoyed what we were doing in our project. 

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  1. Great Blog post Kevin - the photographs you have chose really help the reader understand your writing. Well done :)