Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Atomic Sharks: Week/Round 2 Post

This is the Second week of us working on this project. We have been mainly working on our display space of the Octopus's Garden for the open day on the 8th of December. This was given to us so that people visiting our school know what we are doing.
The Grade 7 members of our group have made a suggestions box and have continued research. They have been working on getting our the names done, to put on our poster.
The Grade 8 members have also been working on our display space. Matt, with a member from another group, have made a model of our classroom on Minecraft. Matt has also worked on a second suggestion box.
Joshua and I took the survey we prepared in paper copy, to some of the teachers. We thought this was a good idea because we would find it easier for us to have it categorized, paper for teachers and online for students. However, when we gave a copy to our principal, Mr.Stewart, he talked about how our survey did not really give us what we really could get. So, we had to go back to all the teachers and collect the surveys. After that, we edited the survey and handed them out again. Fortunately, Mr.Stewart thought it was good. Our survey has also been added to our website.

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  1. Awesome work Ahmad - love the photos. You have provided plenty of detail about the project and what we did this week. Well done!