Sunday, 9 December 2012

Making of the Octopus Garden display

Team - G.O.A.T.               Date - 9/12/2012

Working on our poster.
        In second week of our AWESOME and FUN project we had to try and make a very nice poster about our team and it's members, about our research topic with a few examples of what we have found out. We had to make this poster for the display area (located in C1 in our school) which we use to display our information we have found so all of it could be presented to new people on open day tomorrow or on Saturday the 8th of December 2012.
Looking at Survey 
         Also, in the FUN week our team's (G.O.A.T) group leader (DHANIS) made a survey asking the people of our school about what they wanted as we were running low on ideas for the ceiling. After it was finished we sent it to our teacher (Mrs. Holly) to send out to other people within the school. We got lots of responses from the survey pretty quick which was very good for us as we were able to use the results to research further into our topic.

Display Space Before
Display Space After

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  1. Great work again Jack! I love the before and after photo of the display space too!

    Keep it up - I am excited to see the results of the survey!