Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No Limits (The Octopus's Garden)

 No Limits (The Octopus's Garden)  

Our objective of this project is to think about what a 21st century classroom will become.Our focus is olights and lamps in the classroom.Our team name is "NO LIMITS SINGAPORE".

Our group consists of:

  • Matthew: Project Manager
  • Bronwyn: Google Jockey
  • John: Blogger
  • Jonathan: Community Advisor/Photographer

This week we have done two things.First ,we put the picture onto the and decided to Research on Air Con,Electrics and Wiring, Computers, Floor Plan White Boards, Soundproofing Absorption,Get rid of the piping on the walls,projectors, revolving door, Psychology, CCTV System, Kindle,Lamps, Position of furniture, Entrances.

We found several pictures of lights and lamps online.


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