Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No Limits Contribution!!

26th November- 2nd December
No Limits

Hi! This is the first blog from No Limits so I will tell you what we are doing and who we are. Grade 8 as a whole are trying to design a 21st century classroom i.e. seeing if we need tables and chairs, what colours make us work best and most effectively etc. Each group is doing a different part of the classroom, walls, floors, furniture, ceilings and other stuff(anything that doesn’t fit in any of the categories before). This week No Limits has been doing the category ‘other stuff’. No Limits consists of me (Bronwyn Watkins), Matthew Hagens, Jonathan Sale and John Zhang.

We first had to decide what was actually included and we came up with this, , which if you don’t open this is fine, it just says what we came up with. For a lot of the week we were just getting started and finding our feet, setting up, and finding websites which would be of use to us and other groups(although we were more specifically looking for our group!) but we did find a lot of useful sites(i won’t list them though). 

Sapphira working hard!!

We were searching for benefits of a revolving door, which believe it or not is actually a good idea! We were also searching for ways to keep cables out of the way because, as you may know, Nexus is hopefully going to become a 1 on 1 school, meaning every student has their own laptop, or Mac. finding adaptors has been a big part of what i personally have been doing and others have been searching for things that will cover the cables so people don’t tread on them.

This is an example of clever thinking for plugs- it might be available for european  sockets too!

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