Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Octopus Garden

Team - G.O.A.T                Date - 2/12/2012

We the grade 7 and 8 of Nexus International School have been given a project which we have chosen to call the “Octopus Garden” to try and design a 21st century classroom for our school.  We must try and take a design for our class but we must also convince our Principal or Head of School that it all has a educational purpose or that it is useful towards our learning.

This week or in round 1 of our project, us the G.O.A.T’s who are in charge of designing the new ceiling discussed about different colours and their psychological properties and designs we could use.  

The top three colours we came up with to paint the ceiling  or design the ceiling with were blue, orange and green.  We found out that with the colour Blue it positively influences intellectuality, intelligence and communication but Orange positively influences physical comfort, warmth, passion and fun also the colour Green positively influences Harmony, Balance, Peace, Rest and environmental awareness. But, all have a couple negative Psychological influences.
(Green, Blue, Orange)

Some designs we came up with were painting the ceiling as if it was a sky. We thought that it would be a good idea because it was blue and we thought maybe some people may feel more comfortable working outside. Also in the week we had a meeting with the Rubber Ducks who are working on the walls, and we found out that they were thinking about making a tree on the wall where people could put their ideas on, or use something like ideapaint so they could just paint/write it on the wall. Which kind of went with our sky idea, it went with it because it fell into the outdoor category we were thinking about.

Click on this link for - Sky Ceiling Idea as I was unable to put the picture on.


  1. Great work Jack - team G.O.A.T is working really well.

    I like how you have used the colours within your post. You have also provided plenty of detail and it is organised in a clear way. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great summary!!! I love the sample picture of the sky ceiling!!! :D

  3. I love the sky ceiling idea. But, our classroom ceiling isn't flat. It would be great if it is. But overall, I love it!!!

  4. Wow! Some really cool ideas here, I love it, especially the part about the colours :) using Nexus colours is a great idea and also how the colours will make is easier to learn.