Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Fun and Challenge of The Octopus's Garden Project

Team:- Dominant Innovations Date:- 1/12/12

The Fun and Challenge of The Octopus’s Garden Project

In English class, we are busy doing the Octopus’s Garden Project. This project only started with this questions, what is a 21st Century classroom. This topic is very challenging but it’s fun. We are grouped into teams along with Grade 8 students. We have to worked together to answer the questions. Each team is assigned to be responsible for different part of the 21st Century classroom like floor, ceiling and wall. Before we began the project, we signed an agreement among us. I feel like I got a new job after signing our group agreement paper. However, there is an excitement within me as I see the agreement of each group have made everybody to carry out their responsibilities properly. Mrs. Holly also gave her full support to us and taught us a lot of skills we needed for doing this project, we learned the different types of note taking especially the cornell note taking.
Our team, Abby created a page where we could share and collaborate our ideas together. Each one of us could put videos, photos and websites link on Dominant Innovations page. We could also express our comments and suggestions on different post on our group Silvia shared the template with everyone in order to keep us updated in our works. We wrote and shared the things we have done to make sure everyone is on track. We also update each other by writing a note and stick it on the Dominant Innovations folder. We made use of Edmodo to update not only each other but also the different groups involved in this project. All the members of the group are busy researching about 21st Century classroom floor.
One of the best things happened to us in The Octopus’s Garden Project was the opportunity for Grade 7 and Grade 8 to work together for the first time to create fun stuffs and design for our display space. We’ve learn how to make tentacles and fishes using play dough, copper wire, paint and newspaper. I’m very happy to see all of us working together as one to finish the Project.

The pictures of The Octopus’s Garden Project


  1. Awesome pictures! :)

  2. Awesome blogpost Kevin! Really detailed; it explains really clearly to the world how much we are learning and how hard you are working. Well done!